A Letter from Headmaster Brendan Sheerin

Dear Prospective Families,

Brendan Sheerin, McClelland School HeadmasterThe McClelland School, PK-8, occupies a unique position in the city of Pueblo with over a century of caring for its families and children. McClelland's success stretches back to 1906 when it first opened to serve needy children in the city. Over time, the mission has evolved into that of education and today,109 years after its humble beginnings, it continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs and ambitions of the 21st century child.

The McClelland School rejects the philosophy that reduces children to a mere score; that emphasizes filling in bubbles on paper over strengthening critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and that does little to build empathy, character, and leadership in our students.  Through our emphasis on very small class sizes, great teachers and teaching methods, and time devoted to raising the person as well as the student, McClelland is committed to taking the road less traveled in its approach to children and their education.

We invite you to find out more about this philosophy and the McClelland experience.  There is no redo for your child's education; hoping for a change to happen is often to lose valuable time.  We urge you to come visit us; talk to us about your child's needs and talents; ask us hard questions, and watch our students at work in our classrooms.

The McClelland School has stood the test of time.  We look back on our past with pride; we work in the present to ensure our success continues, and most importantly, we are committed to ensuring your child's success in his or her 21st century future.

Please call to make an appointment.

Thank you,
Brendan Sheerin