Our mission is to celebrate every child by promoting character growth, a lifelong love of learning, and academic achievement in a creative and safe environment.

The early childhood program (preschool & prekindergarten) is influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach to education.  We believe all children are capable, competent, and have the ability to be active participants and co-constructors of their own knowledge.   At McClelland, we invest in relationships; we believe in the whole-child approach to education.  Each child is appreciated as a unique individual with much to offer.  Their learning is a personal journey supported through a partnership between the child, his/her parents, and teacher.

These positive early learning experiences translate into future school and personal success.  School success is heavily dependent on the child’s self-esteem and positive attitude towards the learning process.  Young children learn best by doing.  Young learners require active thinking and experimentation to understand how things work and to learn firsthand about the world in which they live.  Play provides the foundation for learning.

By intentionally keeping class sizes small, students receive personalized attention in order to enhance strengths and give support where needed.   A rigorous academic program is provided through an integrated curriculum of thematic units.  A strong emphasis is placed on critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration in order to succeed in an ever-changing world.  

Character development plays a crucial part in the personal growth process.  At McClelland, we believe in facilitating opportunities to build leadership and communication skills, confidence, kindness, perseverance, and empathy in order to become well-rounded citizens.  

Language Arts

At McClelland, we immerse our students in literacy.  We use a whole-language approach by using thematic units that span the curriculum.  Reading and writing are tied to science and social studies.

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Learning Profile

In most schools, only those children with difficulties, academic or behavioral, are provided with a formal profile. At McClelland School, we seek to develop a profile of the each child that allows us to better understand and work with each student.

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Mathematical concepts are explored starting at the preschool level.  Each year builds upon these skills.  Our teachers start by building conceptual knowledge and progress to the algorithms.

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Music & Art in Lower School

The McClelland School places a strong emphasis on developing visual and performing arts in our students.  With monthly art openings, community art shows, frequent dramatic and musical performances McClelland students truly value creativity, imagination and artistic expression.

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Health & Wellness

Physical Education is an important part of building confident, healthy and active children.  McClelland Lower School students (preschool-2nd grade) receive structured PE class on an every-other-day rotation in addition to regular outdoor recess time.

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Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education program seeks to expose our youngest students to nature and the environment.  You will frequently find McClelland students on nature walks, field trips and exploration experiences that help to develop both an appreciation of nature and respect for our environment.

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Report Cards in Lower School

At the McClelland School, we know children are more than just an grade, and our report cards reflect this.  Our teachers spend many hours writing full narratives of how your child is truly doing in each subject.  

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We feel that it is essential for students to have a strong background science in order to be prepared for the 21st century.  Many lessons are hands-on.  

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