The McClelland School Utilizes a Personalized Approach to Education

Why Indexed Tuition?

The McClelland School believes in a personalized approach to education. We focus on the individual needs of each child, tailoring what we do to meet the unique needs of each student. This philosophy extends to a personalized tuition rate for each family, based on their unique financial situation. Families that prefer not to submit their financial information for indexed tuition will fall at the top end of the posted tuition ranges.

Indexed Tuition

2023-2024 Tuition and Fees with Indexed Tuition

*Preschool & PreK- Posted tuition ranges are for single child enrollment. Tuition may be further indexed if enrolling multiple children.

*Annual Deposit- Deposit is due upon submission of the enrollment contract and is deducted from the total tuition amount.

*Payment Plans- The McClelland School offers a variety of payment plans to meet the needs of your family, including one, two, ten and twelve payment options.

*Tuition Refund Premium-The Tuition Refund Premium is due on August 1, 2023 and is optional for those families that choose to pay their tuition in full by August 1, 2023. Sibling Discounts-The McClelland School welcomes and values families. To that end we have implemented the following discounts to those families not utilizing Indexed Tuition. The below chart outlines the discounts that will be applied to multi-child families upon enrollment.